The NOW Database

Picture © Aino Martiskainen


Currently, the NOW database contains 6444 localities, 15968 species, and 67547 locality-species that are public entries. The most recent active NOW-editors:

Locality records   Species records
YearMonthSurname   YearMonthSurname
202011Zliobaite   202011Zliobaite
202011Croft   202011Croft
202011Pandolfi   202011Bilgin
202011Bilgin   202011Pandolfi
202011van der Made   202011Casanovas Vilar
202011Casanovas Vilar   202011van der Made
202010Zliobaite   202010Zliobaite
202010Casanovas Vilar   202010Casanovas Vilar
202010Mennecart   202010van den Hoek Ostende
202010Lintulaakso   202010Mennecart

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